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  • Tips on how to revamp your garden

    Posted in Decor, Interior Design, Lifestyle on Jun 16, 2020

    Quarantine and COVID-19 have made gardens more desirable than ever being that we are limited in our outdoor activities and social life. This is why I want to share some simple ways that can help revamp your garden.

  • 5 Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

    Posted in Decor, Interior Design, Lifestyle on Jun 08, 2020

    As we spend more and more time at home, learn 5 simple tips to make your home and living space more comfortable.

  • 5 Things to Consider When Re-Opening Your Restaurant

    Posted in Decor, Interior Design, Lifestyle on May 25, 2020

    Around the world, thousands of restaurants were the first of many businesses to be shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, as we approach the first summer of the decade, the food industry is getting optimistic about phased reopening plans to open their doors (and kitchens!) to customers once again. Here are five tips for your restaurant to come back better than ever

  • 4 Tips to Create the Perfect Work from Home Space

    Posted in Decor, Interior Design, Lifestyle on Apr 06, 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic has swept the nation and transformed many aspects of our lives. From restaurants closing to schools switching to online learning, “social distancing” has become the name of the game as we all try to stay healthy. The biggest change to daily life? Working from home. And while we can’t do anything about those 8am Zoom meetings, we can help you assemble the perfect space to take them. Read on for our foolproof tips on creating a chic, functional workspace in your home.

  • Introducing the Anastasios Interiors Drapery Collection

    Posted in Announcements, Decor, Interior Design on Mar 06, 2020

    Introducing the Anastasios Interiors Drapery Collection. A line of drapes featuring luxurious fabrics and textures, custom made in Europe for each customer.

  • 2020’s Top Interior Design Trends

    Posted in Decor, Interior Design on Feb 03, 2020

    Want to effortlessly upgrade your space to take advantage of 2020's Top Interior Design Trends? Read our latest blog that gives all the details to do just that. From incorporating plants and earthy elements to fusing different furniture styles, we have it all covered.

  • 3 Lessons Interior Design Clients Can Learn From Homepolish's Flop

    Posted in Industry News, Interior Design on Nov 13, 2019

    Homepolish, the Tinder for Interior Design, catfished both clients and interiors designers with promises it could not keep. Now that the company has collapsed, leaving clients with abandoned projects and designers unpaid for their hardwork, here are three takeaways from the flop of the once highly lauded startup that aimed to disrupt the interior design industry.

  • 4 Ways To Update Your Restaurant For The Fall

    Posted in Decor, Interior Design on Sep 20, 2019

    It's September and Fall is upon us. Just like the best chefs change their menus to showcase each season's ingredients, restaurants should adjust their decor to reflect the time of year. Your regular guests will notice and appreciate the difference, while new ones will be drawn in. Here are a few simple ways to update the decor of your restaurant to reflect the beauty of Fall.

  • 5 Tips For A Quick, On-Budget Restaurant Renovation

    Posted in Interior Design, Projects on Aug 20, 2019

    You just signed a lease on a commercial space for your restaurant. Great! But you need to open for business quickly because time is money. However, a lot of work needs to be done to get the space ready for your patrons. What to do? Learn great tips and tricks on how to work with what you have to renovate your restaurant on-time and on-budget.

  • How To Design A Party-Friendly Small Apartment

    Posted in Interior Design, Lifestyle on Jul 29, 2019

    Learn how to make the most of your small city apartment to make it party-friendly and easy to host and entertain.