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2020’s Top Interior Design Trends

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(Photo Courtesy Vogue Australia)

New Year, New Space? Your neighbor’s recent remodel may make you jealous (don’t worry, we won’t tell!), but you don’t need to be a big spender to keep up with the Jones’ - or 2020’s interior design trends.

With intentional, simple moves and some creativity, you can update your home, office, or restaurant for a fresh feel in the new decade.

Here is how we’re putting the following four elements into practice in 2020.

1. Earthy Elements

Image of Homepolish offices

(Photo Courtesy Vogue Australia)

Climate change has become a topic of international discussion across many panels, since protecting our planet should be on everybody’s 2020 resolution’s list!

The interior design trends that stem from this ongoing dialogue have the dual benefit of helping our environment and bringing more nature into our spaces.

Create a designated area - perhaps with an indoor garden, high ceilings, and large windows - as an oasis that’s comforting and on-trend.

Consult with a nursery for large-scale indoor plants that surround furniture and offer as much green in the room as possible. Some low maintenance plant options include English ivy, fig trees, potherbs, succulents, and snake plants. Snake plants are an especially unique choice, as they purify the air, grow to various sizes, and allow you to get creative with pots.

2. Restroom Retreat

Have you ever been impressed by a restaurant's stellar food and inviting ambience, only to be thoroughly disappointed by their less-than-chic restroom?

A bathroom is truly the statement piece of any space, especially commercial, so it’s worth it to go the extra mile:

  • Find an amazing tile - perhaps metallic, porcelain, or glass - and take it all the way up.
  • Get a unique vanity from an antique store and refinish it to make it one-of-a-kind.
  • Add details like luxurious lotion, candles, and flowers.

A great bathroom can serve as a self-care sanctuary and show respect for yourself and your guests. Intentionally design it to be cozy and elegant.

3. Tapping into Textures

Image of Homepolish offices

(Photo Courtesy Phillip Jeffries)

2019 saw the rise of marble mayhem, with its clean finish being used on countertops, tables, and even floor tiles!

Marble will certainly continue to soar in popularity, as will other stones and textures that elegantly balance neutral palettes.

Play with textured pillows and throws against a solid leather sofa; they are easy to experiment with and inexpensive to replace.

An unexpected trend on the rise? Wall coverings that pop! Phillip Jeffries’ wallpapers play with colors and textures in new ways, and metallic wallcoverings by Romo are appealing and luminous.

For a true dive into texture, head to Ressource America, whose wall coverings offer vibrant colors, durable materials, and a rough, stone-like feel.

Wallcoverings should compliment, not clash with, the existing aesthetic through deliberate layering:

  • Pick one color from a multicolored wall pattern for a monochrome couch and drapes.
  • A waterfall-themed wallpaper can serve as a backdrop for a curved dining table.
  • Hang velvety purple curtains against a textured silver wall - they will reflect light differently and create depth in the room.

An accent wall creates interest in the living room and gives the opportunity to mix wallpaper with paint, but be mindful to make the accent wall correspond to the existing aesthetic as one piece.

Remember that the larger the room and the wall, the bigger impact the wallcoverings will have.

4. Fusion of Furniture

Image of Homepolish offices

(Photo Courtesy MyDomaine)

In previous years, uniform and clean lines were all the rage.

In 2020, look for more interesting spaces that feature blended styles of furniture.

Think earthly and distressed with natural elements.

A modern couch can compliment a “grandma’s chair” to reflect today’s trends and still put us in a warm, sentimental mental place.

New pieces with a rustic feel work well, too. Textured rugs tone down a modern theme, while rattan furniture pieces offer an organic touch to a cool, minimalist aesthetic.

Are you looking to remodel your home, office or restaurant? Let’s see if we are a good fit! Check out my portfolio and schedule a consultation.

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