Our Interior Design Process

New to working with an interior designer?

Anastasios Gliatis at work

If you've never worked with an interior designer before, It will be helpful for you to understand some of the things to expect and some of the processes that we undertake to ensure that your project is completed smoothly and satisfactorily.

On time and on budget.

Check out our design process below.

The Consultation

When you contact us, an early part of the process will involve scheduling a consultation where we discuss your plans and the design ideas you have.

We offer two kinds of consultations:  In-person and Virtual.

In-person consultations

We either visit your location or you schedule a visit to our Manhattan office.

Virtual Consultations

You send us photos and measurements of your space and / or, using video cam technology such as Skype or over the phone, we discuss your project.

All consultations have a flat rate of $250 per session or visit.

For in-person consultations with clients located outside of the NYC metro area, an additional travel fee (variable, based on your actual physical location) will also be charged.

What happens at this stage?

  • We get to know you, your tastes, goals and use cases for the space you want to design.
  • We clarify your budget for the project.

What can I do to prepare?

  • If you have any design ideas or inspiration, make note of them, so we can go over them during the consultation.
  • For virtual consultations, take clear photos of your space, so we can clearly visualize the work area.

Establishing the Brief

After the consultation stage we will establish the brief.

This brief outlines the goals for the project, the scope of work, the budget and the deliverables.

What happens at this stage?

  • We will define the brief, as we understand it, in a project proposal.
  • The proposal will contain the scope of work, the deliverables on our end and yours, and present a realistic budget that will be required to successfully execute the project.

Contract signing & Project kick-off

After you receive our proposal, if you're in agreement with our recommendations and the terms of the proposal, then we move on to getting started with the actual work for your project.

What happens at this stage?

  • You sign the design contract contained within the proposal, which constitutes the work order to begin the project.
  • You make a requisite deposit of a percentage of the project design fee.

Work & Delivery

At this stage our team of designers, contractors, electricians, carpenters and other artisans get to work on your project.

What can I expect at this stage?

  • Frequent site visits.
  • Frequent project reports and updates.
  • Presentation of design mood boards.
  • Presentation of floor plans, lighting and electrical/construction plans, where applicable.
  • We purchase all required fixtures, furnishings and other materials.
  • We take delivery of all materials, inspect them and make sure they are as expected.
  • Installation of all items, furnishings, fixtures, etc.
  • Deliver the finished work.

What can I do at this stage to make things go smoothly?

  • Make all work spaces available to our design team so they can work unimpeded.
  • Make available the requisite funds to purchase all required materials.
  • Sit back and relax while we work to get you the interior of your dreams.