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Introducing the Anastasios Interiors Drapery Collection


Luxury custom drapes from Anastasios Interiors.

We’ve got news! In our years of designing commercial and residential interiors, we’ve continuously seen how a well-constructed curtain can instantly upgrade a space and complement its theme.

Drapes can have a meaningful visual and physical impact on a room, yet the home goods marketplace rarely considers them an essential. Talk about underrated!

That’s why we created the Anastasios Interiors Drapery Collection.

Our collection offers rich fabrics like velvet that suit a traditional space, as well as airy cottons and linens for a zen feel - all from dreamy Greece.

Here’s what we’ve learned about drapes and decor on this journey:

1. Unexpected Impact

Everyone wants a “statement piece”, like a brightly colored couch or large chandelier, to WOW guests when they first enter the room. Why not make drapes the standout feature? Drapes are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to the scheme and make the room look longer.

Take your time to play around when making your selections: How does each element contribute to the room’s theme? What’s the color palette? What’s the light like in the room? Consider these factors ahead of time when making these delicate (and expensive!) decisions.

20190626_163503.jpg Ivory dining chairs paired with Anastasios Interiors Custom drapes over French Windows, Boston Project.

Pretty with a Purpose

The practical uses of drapes mean that they work overtime! A clear use is controlling the amount of natural light in a space.

Sheer drapes allow for natural light to saturate the space without a pesky glare, while blackout drapes completely darken the room for peaceful sleep (who doesn’t need more shut-eye?).

Drapes can also aid in temperature control of the room, keeping cool air in during the summer and preserving heat in the colder months. Adding lining can better insulate the space, keeping you cozy and warm while you sit by the fireplace (on TV, that is!).

2. Seamless Installation

So you’ve finally chosen your perfect drapes! Now it’s time to choose hardware (curtain rods) that gracefully support and accent them.

Opt for a thin rod for relaxed and airy curtains. Substantial hardware with richer finishes, like antique brass or silver, is perfect for a luxurious set.

Whatever your hardware, be sure to hang it as high as possible rather than directly above the window. Drapes hung 2-3 inches below the molding making the ceilings look higher - talk about a design hack!

Identify the length to be “kissing the floor,” or, in a commercial space, 2-3 inches above the floor so the mop doesn’t touch them when cleaning. Another optical illusion? Drapes with vertical patterns make your windows look longer!

Upper West.jpg High rods lengthen the living room in our shabby-chic Upper West Side interior design project.

3. Clean and Commercial

Add elegance and flair to a commercial space with a stellar set of drapes. Choose a pair that compliments the continuous feel from one room to the next.

Avoid selections with heavy color, as they will dominate the space and make it look cluttered and smaller - definitely not what we’re going for!

Instead, opt for clean and fresh to backdrop other decor: a unique center table pops against grey drapes matching a grey couch. When spring cleaning your commercial space, remember to include your drapes.

And take them to get dry cleaned, please! Don’t let a rough machine ruin the wool, silk, or other delicate fabric of your quality drapes.

sheers at Prime.jpg

Prime's interiors enhanced by Anastasios Interiors sheers drapery collection, exuding elegance and sophistication. Prime project.

Our Collection

We found a gap in the luxury furniture market for European-crafted, custom-made drapes. That’s why we created the new Anastasios Interiors Drapery Collection, which is all-Grecian.

Think: zen, bohemian, and earthy.

Our materials (and inspiration!) are sourced in Greece, enabling our drapes to create a resort-like ambience in whichever space they’re hung.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates on the Anastasios Interiors Drapery Collection, as well as our upcoming paint collection (spoiler alert, the colors match)!

Are you looking to remodel your home, office or restaurant? Let’s see if we are a good fit! Check out my portfolio and schedule a consultation.

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