Image of Long Island City Loft apartment interior design project by Anastasios Interiors

Project Details

Project: The Loft
Location: Long Island City, NYC, NY
Interior Design Style: Eclectic
Concept:  Residential city apartment

Typically, most people will go with a neutral palate and, as I like to say, a “matchy – matchy” look. This client seemed to be against the “norm” and favored all different periods and styles.

We had a fan of eclectic design!

Our initial inspiration derived from our client’s global collectables and the waterfront property itself.

The hues of blue on the walls and decorative elements were inspired by the waterfront property, creating an interesting theme.

We built a stone fire place to enhance the focal point of the room and used a bold, rich color to create interest within the staircase and balance the two main entities of the space.

Our mission was to create a design mixing different styles, textures, old with new pieces of furniture, creating a unique, glamorous, yet comfortable space.