Image of Vanilla Sky frozen yogurt and coffee shop interior design project by Anastasios Interiors

Project Details

Project: Vanilla Sky
Location:  Forest Hills, NY
Interior Design Style:  Modern
Concept:  Frozen yogurt restaurant

The proprietors of Vanilla Sky wanted to build a brand in the frozen yogurt and gourmet coffee business that would raise the bar in that fast-growing market.

Our design approach for the prototype store in Astoria, Queens takes a European aesthetic for inspiration, mixing Scandinavian and Greek influences.

The storefront features bright white and wavy walls that recall the fresh chill and swirls of the frozen yogurt, while exuding a modern and exceptionally clean feel.

To provide an inviting space where stay-at-home moms and freelancers could relax and work, we created a second, communal, room to promote organic creativity.

We built custom seating with plush pillows, opened skylights to let in natural light, utilized frosted brick walls to create warmth, and complemented the whole area with fresh plants and trees.