Image of Oniro Taverna interior design project by Anastasios Interiors

Project Details

Project: Oniro Taverna
Location: 8289 Jericho Turnpike. Woodbury, NY
Interior Design Style: Rustic / Ocean-front / Mediterranean / Nautical
Concept:  Greek Tavern

Oniro Taverna, in Greek, means Dream tavern. Thus, we were inspired to create a dreamlike, Mediterranean oasis with a nautical theme in the summer and a lodge type escape for the winter.

We believe that by changing the décor of the restaurant according to the season we enhance the comfort and joy of the guests, transporting them to a different setting that compliments the current season.

The entrance welcomes you with beautiful Mediterranean-inspired tile in light blues, whites and grays throughout. This leads you to the bar which is accentuated with lights above the counter in a brass nautical theme and pebble stones covering its facade, exuding the vibe of a beach resort.

We separated the entrance and lounge area with a birch wall that is a subtle division between the two spaces.

We also created two distinct areas for the dining experience: A bar / lounge area with comfortable leather sofas, rugs, and lamps for intimate cozy lighting, coupled with lounge tables to make you feel at home while you enjoy your appetizer and cocktail.

Then, for a more formal sit-down dinner, you proceed into the main dining area, which features an open floor layout with a white and bamboo-straw wall covering to give a rustic, village feel.

The ceiling is covered in bamboo, while the windows are draped and lined with oregano, thyme and lavender.

The floors are a whitewashed oak finish that bring in a beachy feel, keeping the space rustic yet fresh, elegant and clean.

We refinished existing chairs and tables to achieve the salvaged wood finish, to promote a warm and earthy look.

A focal point of this project is the exposed white brick that uses a special plastering technique that is traceable to the islands of Greece.

There is also a veranda situated in the front of the restaurant, decked with lush plants such as olive, orange, and lemon tress that infuse the fragrances of the Mediterranean.

The design elements, textures, tastes and scents all combine to make the patrons of this fine dining establishment feel like they are dining outdoors in Greece, surrounded by a fortress.